Radial Rocket TD
Radial Rocket TD
Radial Rocket TD
The Radial Rocket TD features a wide track landing gear stance and steerable tailwheel, both of which contribute to ease of ground handling. With pilot-in-command seating up front, on the aircraft centerline, visibility to either side of the round engine cowl is excellent, and is further aided by opening the sliding canopy for taxi operations.

With the availability of the Radial Rocket RG, the Radial Rocket TD is recommended for proficient high performance tailwheel pilots.
Radial Rocket TD Specifications

Seating / Two, Tandem
Engine / M-14P, Nine Cylinder Radial, 360 HP
Prop / MT, 3 Blade, Constant Speed, 98 In. Diam.
Wingspan / 25.5 Ft.
Length / 22.2 Ft.
Cockpit Width / 34 In. Pilot, 30 In. Copilot
Wing Area / 90.8 Sq. Ft.
Empty Weight / 1650 Lbs.
Gross Weigth / 2550 Lbs.
Useful Load / 900 Lbs.
Baggage Capacity / 12 Cu. Ft.
Fuel Capacity / 70 Gals.
Cruise, High Speed / 230 Mph
Cruise, Economy / 200 Mph
Range, Econ. Cruise, 30 Min. Reserve / 1200 sm
Climb / 3500+ Fpm Solo, 2000+ Fpm Gross
Vso, Stall, Flaps Down / 70 Mph (61 Kts)
Vs1, Stall, Flaps Up / 85 Mph (74 Kts)
Vne, Never Exceed Speed / 280 Mph
G Limits / +6, -4 Limit ; +9, -6 Ultimate
The Radial Rocket TD is available as a Streamline Airframe Kit. Customized builder assist services are available up to and including a ready to fly Radial Rocket. - Contact us for details.