Kits / Pricing
Fast Build Option
• All major wing ribs installed and cap-stripped. (Forward and aft spars are installed in the Streamline Kit).
• Wing attach and stabilizer reinforcement laminates installed.
• Fuselage left and right halves joined and laminated.
• Firewall installed, with integral engine mount hardpoints built in. (RG fastbuild includes installation of nose gear well).
• Engine mount support fittings installed.
• Fuselage forward rib installed.
• Dipole COMM antenna installed in vertical fin
• Belly pan cut from fuselage, attach flanges installed and belly pan cleco-fit.
• Spars and ribs installed in horizontal stabilizer.
• Rudder spars and ribs installed.
Get ahead in the construction of your Radial Rocket! Save an estimated 500-700 hours of build time. With the Radial Rocket Fast-Build option, the majority of fuselage and wing structure is factory pre-assembled for you. In addition, horizontal stab spars and ribs and rudder spars and ribs are installed. With this option, your kit is delivered with:
Price: $17,500

" Elevator skins, upper and lower
" Fuselage skins, left and right
" Horizontal stab skins, upper and lower
" Rudder skins, left and right
" Aileron skins, upper and lower
" Flap skins, upper and lower
" Wing skins, upper and lower
" Wing tip skins, upper and lower " Wing root fairings
" Fuel sump
" Fuel sump finger strainer fitting
" Fuel sump quick drain fitting
" Canopy / windshield
" Cowl, upper and lower
" Cowl inlet lip, upper and lower
" Cowl scoop
" Wheelpant left and right halves
" Landing gear strut fairings
" Control stick torque tube assembly
" Copilot control stick socket assembly
" Pilot control stick
" Copilot control stick
" Elevator push-pull tube end Fittings
" Elevator hinges and hinge brackets
" Elevator torque tube assembly
" Elevator bellcrank
" Elevator bellcrank bearing spacers
" Engine mount
" Elevator, Aleron and rudder trimtab horns
" Aft baggage door J-arm hinges
" Rudder hinges
" Rudder actuator fitting
" Rudder tailwheel actuator bracket
" Rudder pedal weldments, pilot and co-pilot
" Pilot rudder pedal mount blocks
" Copliot ruder pedal mount angles
" Rudder cable with swaged end fittings
" Rudder cable spring links
" Rudder cable links
" Rudder pedal weldment retainers
" Tie down fittings
" Canopy and Windshield
" Canopy latch assembly
" Canopy tracks and rollers
" Aft canopy pin mounts
" Forward canopy pin mounts
" Canopy roller mount plate
" Canopy roller plate
" Canopy latch handle weldment
" Canopy latch hook
" External canopy latch handle
" Forward canopy rollers threaded spacer
" Aft canopy rollers threaded spacer
" Aft canopy roller spacer
" Main landing gear struts and sockets
" Aileron bellcranks
" Aileron bellcrank attach angles
" Aileron push pull tube end fittings
" Aileron to bellcrank actuator push pull tubes
" Aileron hinges
' Aileron hinge brackets
" Aileron hinge actuator brackets
" Flap torque tubes and machined brackets
" Flap torque tube splice tube
" Flap tracks, inboard and outboard
" Flap link brackets
" Flap roller plates
" Flap actuator bracket
" Flap motor bracket
" Flap u-joint bushings
" Flap nylon spacer bushings
" Flap flange bushings
" Flap roller bushings
" Main spar fittings
" Main spar fitting attach angle weldments
" Aft spar fittings
" Aft spar fitting attch angles
" Tailwheel spring socket weldment
" Pilot seat back support weldment
" Pilot seat belt attach angles
" Copilot seat belt attach angles
" Horizontal stabilizee cradle templates
" Wing cradle templates
" Assembly Manual
" Access to the Private Radial Rocket Builders Forum Online


The Radial Rocket Streamline Kit purchasing structure lets the builder purchase directly the commonly available and over the counter parts and materials previously included as part of the airframe kit. For the builder this means a substantial reduction to the price of the Radial Rocket airframe components and the ability to spread the purchase cost of common hardware and airframe components over time - purchase these components on your schedule, as you need them, saving thousands of dollars. With the purchase of your Streamline Kit you will receive a detailed list of these components, including part numbers, as well as suggested sources.

The components supplied in the
Streamline Kit include all parts specific to the Radial Rocket airframe: Molded composite parts, Welded and powder coated assemblies, Canopy and windshield, CNC'ed/machined metal parts, and much more - see the detailed parts list below.

Radial Rocket TD Complete Streamline Kit - $49,850

Radial Rocket RG Complete
Streamline Kit - Call

Radial Rocket TD and RG Sub Kits - Call

Online Radial Rocket Builder's Forum

Included with the purchase of your Radial Rocket Streamline Kit is access to our private Builder's Forum - Share info, ideas and progress with other Radial Rocket builders and owners.