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•This project includes:

• Wing assembly built and complete. Painted white. Ready to fly. Includes landing gear components, extended wingips and pitot/static probe plumbed to wing center section. Brake lines installed. 5.00 x 5 heavy duty wheels and brakes. Gear doors complete and painted. 62 gallon fuel capacity. Fuel tank sealed and pressure checked. Aero balance aileron upgrade. Electric flaps (flap motor installed in wing).

• Streamline Radial Rocket RG Fuselage/Empenage/Cowling Kit. Customize the cockpit and instrument panel as you wish.

• Engine mount.

• Nose gear Assembly,
including hydraulic actuator, nosewheel and tire, uplock assembly, strut, fork, etc.

• Gear Electo-Hydraulic pump, up and down solenoids.

• Gear system hydraulic hoses and fittings.

• Gear system dump valve.

• Gear up/down switch and indicator lights.

•-PRICE REDUCED! This project priced at $63,500. - Less than the price of a kit with 50% of the work completed! Excellent value for a project that can be in the air quickly.

Completed Wing
Latest style aerobalanced aileron design
Short and extended wingtips included
Engine mount/nose gear assembly, and hydraulic pump, solenoids etc.
Fuselage file photo - Fuselage / empenage components to be built to order upon sale of project.
Note: This project can be completed as a retract P85. Click on "News and Events" for more P85 info.