About the M14 Engine
• 9 cylinder / 620 cubic inch displacement.
• M-14P / 360 Horsepower or M-14PF / 400 Horsepower
• Very well proven - powers thousands of aircraft throughout the world.
• Supercharged for optimum performance and superior mixture distribution.
• Geared, to maximize thrust and minimize propeller noise.
• Designed for fully aerobatic flight, with inverted carb, and an oil system with built in scavenge and pressure pumps, for perfect oil pressure in any attitude.
• Compressed air starting system, electric start optional.
• Fully automatic mixture control.
• Parts and service readily available in the US.
• One of the best engine sounds in aviation!
Curious about the internal workings of a radial engine?
One of the best sounds in aviation!
More of one of the best sounds in aviation!
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